Regarding Foot care Nurse Certification. The Foot care Nurse must complete a CNA accredited Advanced Foot care nurse   program that includes the current foot care competencies and IPAC practice standards guidelines. The Foot care nurse must pass the Foot care nurse certification competency exam with a passing grade of 70%..

Regarding Canadian Nurses Association - CNA  statement on continuous Learning (CL) activity for registered nurses. "Nurses may claim it as a continuous learning (CL) activity toward renewal of the CNA certification credential if it is related to their nursing specialty. Pre-authorization from the CNA Certification Program is not required. Participants are encouraged to retain a confirmation of attendance". 

The process to become a board certified foot care nurse CFCN. Apply only if you have completed a CNA accredited Advanced  foot care nurse program that meets FCNCB certification standards.  If you were trained elsewhere in a non accredited CNA course, for an additional cost $500, you will be expected to purchase consultation time to identify if you need assistance to prepare you to take the competency exam. Upon receipt of your application you will have to complete and pass the Certified Foot care Nurse CFCN competency exam Cost is $350.

CFCN Membership will be for 2 years.

CFCN Membership renewal is $200.

Email us your documentation at and provide payment of $350 and $500 Canadian for the consult via the Paypal link below. Upon receipt and passing the competency exam,  a 2 year membership with FCNCB will be provided with listing in our membership directory promoting you as a Certified Foot care Nurse - CFCN.

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To purchase consultation time to  prepare you to take the Foot care nurse competency exam

Please make a payment of $500 via the Paypal link Buy Now button below. You must also submit your foot care nurse certificate and practice experience in nursing foot care..

 After consultation you will be expected to take the Foot care nurse competency exam within  4 weeks of payment received.



Application Process to Become  Board Certified as a Certified Foot care Nurse - CFCN

  • The application process to become a board Certified Foot care Nurse - CFCN with the Foot care Nurse Certification Board - FCNCB is as follows:
  • Please fill out the online application form and click on the submit button. Application can also also be completed by sending us a copy of your foot care training certificate from a CNA accredited advanced foot care nurse certificate program along with a copy of your Provincial Nursing Association Membership.
  • You must be a registered nurse with a current registration license in your province, country, or city as a RN, NP, RPN, or LPN.
  • RN's, RPN's, LPN's and NP's must be a member of your nursing association such as RNAO, RPNAO, LPNAO and NPAO.  For RN's we ask that you become a member of CNA.
  • LPN's must hold a license and must be a member in the nursing association in their province.
  •  RN's in Canada must also hold membership with Canadian Nurses Association CNA.
  • Must have successfully completed a CNA accredited Advanced Foot care nurse program which incorporates the Advanced Nursing Foot care nurse competencies and IPAC current foot care standards 2019.  If you have completed an Advanced Foot care nurse program from a non accredited program, for a small fee you will have to complete some pre reading materials to prepare you for the for the competency exam.
  • Copy of your certificate of attendance from your Advanced Nursing Foot care Program with a minimum 50 hours theory and minimum 50 hours practical experience.
  • If you don't have the 50 practical hours from your foot care nurse program, you will be given the opportunity to complete the practical hands on case studies using the correct tools assessment, and equipment to perform high risk assessment and foot care nurse treatment.
  • Foot care nurse certification will provide foot care nurses access to suppliers not open to the public to purchase the correct tools, supplies, equipment and infection control equipment that will allow them to complete the necessary hands on  case studies to meet guidelines and to function as an independent certified foot care nurse with confidence in any clinical settings.
  • If the foot care nurse has the practice skills, an endorsement or verification letter of experience as a foot care nurse will be required as proof of certificate of completion from  the foot care nurse Basic and Advanced foot care program.
  • For payment via PayPal please click on the PayPal link on this page and proceed with payment.  Please allow 5 days for payment to be processed via PayPal. Upon clearance of your payment, and approval of application, you will be contacted and will have the opportunity to take the online Foot care nurse competency exam come. Exam duration is 40 minute, pass mark for the exam is 70%
  • If submitting documentations by email, please address email to Attention: Foot care Nurse Certification and mail to
  • If unsuccessful with the Online Nursing Foot care Competency exam you will have the opportunity to retake the exam at a later date or 1 month later at a cost of $150. If successful with the exam you will be awarded the Certificate of Membership and the opportunity to use the protected title Certified foot care nurse - CFCN.
  •  A two years listing in the certified foot care nurse CFCN directory. and will be provided access to an aesthetic supplier that is not open to the public to purchase tools, supplies, equipment and infection control supplies at whole sale price.
  • The Certified Foot care Nurse CFCN will be provided the Foot Nurse Certification Board Foot care Nurse Code of Ethics for the certified foot care nurse along with their numbered membership certificate of registration with FCNCB
  • Certification of membership duration is 2 years.
  • Re-certificationcan be maintained by providing proof of continued education credit to the amount of 8 hours.  Proof of practicing foot care nurse in any community setting. 
  • Continue Education include: Attendance of continued learning regarding nursing Foot care education, attending workshop, mentor ship of foot care nurse, learning current best practice related to any foot care related issues.and caring for the geriatric foot.
  • Payment fee for re-certification every 2 years is $200. to be made via PayPal
  • For nurses who do not meet the current Basic and Advanced Nursing foot care competencies practice guideline; For a cost of $1,000 will have online access to materials to upgrade skills. Nurses upgrading will have to complete 10 hands on case studies.

  Mailing address 

Foot care Nurse Certification Board

6-295 Queen Street East Suite 243

Brampton Ontario L6W 4S6. 

Telephone 905-453-3262

Email us at

Upon receipt of documentation and payment we will contact you regarding your application and taking the Foot care Nurse Certification competency exam.

For US trained foot care nurses who wish to become certified as a Certified Foot care Nurse CFCN, Please contact us as you will be able to take the course online and will have to complete the 20 live hands on case studies and take the Certified Foot care Nurse Competency Exam and meet all criteria as per FCNCB. If you have already passed the US based Certified Foot care Nurse Certification exam and are practicing as a certified foot care nurse in the US, your application will be assessed on a case by case basis, and it may not be necessary to take the Foot care Nurse Certification Competency exam. If your practice meets guidelines you will receive a certificate of registration and willbe listed in the Certified Foot Care Nurse - CFCN directory..

Please contact us by submitting the application.