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Code of Ethics Certified Foot care Nurse

Certified Foot care Nurse CFCN

  • The Certified Foot care Nurse shall provide treatment and work within the scope bound by their training and to practice within the bounds of their states or provincial legislation.
  • Shall respect and promote client autonomy when providing  foot care treatment, Inform the client of the type of treatment and cost prior to the start of the foot care treatment, what to expect from treatment, the fees related to the treatment if more than a given time, the duration, benefits, indication and contraindication.
  • .Provide treatment in a clean and safe environment that follows best practices for infection.
  • Practice the necessary infection control standards such as universal precaution when providing assessment and treatment.
  • Ensuring that you have the necessary vaccines such as Hepatitis B, TB Mantoux skin test, and have appropriate malpractice insurance from your nursing associations or insurance company.
  • Ensure client confidentiality when providing treatment, record keeping, and comfort of privacy for the client during treatment.
  • Represent with honesty the benefits and limitation of the products and services offered..
  • Recommend that a client seeks the appropriate qualified health professional when the foot care nurse recognizes a client's condition requires further assessment or treatment by a physician or primary care health provider.
  • Maintain appropriate boundaries with clients and refrain from initiating or engaging in any sexual activity, socializing or any activity that may tarnish the professional relationship between foot care nurse and client or client family.
  • Represent qualification honestly, including educational achievements and professional affiliation
  • Provide all services and treatment safely and competently
  • Remain current in your foot care nurse profession in keeping up with the trends and skills in the foot care nurse industry, by attending educational courses, seminars, webinar, online courses, and workshop
  • My listing as a Certified Foot Nurse CFCN can be revoke if in breach of the above code of ethics and guiding principles as a Certified Foot care Nurse.
  • From time to time, Foot care nurse Certification Board may verify if you are still in good standing with your nursing association.
  • If abuse or misconduct is reported by a member of the public of whom you have provided foot care treatment. your name may be removed from the directory listing until investigation is cleared from you College of Nurses. 

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