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To register in the foot care nurse course or to get your basic and advanced foot care nurse course accredited please submit form and upon receipt, we will follow up with you.

College of Health Studies   COHS

Nova Scotia Community College   NSCC

Accredited Basic and Advanced Foot care Nurse Certificate programs and schools

To enroll in the Basic and Advanced Foot care Nurse Certificate online course please contact us first with proof of documentation as a nurse registered in with your nursing associations. by emailing us info@fcncb.org

  After approval of your application by administration, you can proceed in paying the tuition fee via the PayPal link below by clicking the Buy Now Button . 

Payment can be made by certified cheque made payable to FCNCB.

Orby phone payment by contacting us at 9054533262 after approval.

Please allow 5 days for the payment to be process.  After the tuition fee is process, you will be provided with the online log in access to take the course. Upon completion of theory, passing practical case studies and passing the competency exam, you will be issued the Certified foot care nurse certificate and will be listed in the foot care nurse directory.  

The Basic and Advanced Foot Care nurse certificate online course is open to nurses only and can be taken individually, and for groups in various health care setting.

This training is offered by us or in partnership with our various community partners Canada wide, and foot care nurse educators who provides nurses with the skills, knowledge and ability to provide basic and advanced foot care treatment using current best practice in assessment, treatment of nails and callus care, using foot care tools, equipment, and sterilization and reprocessing of critical foot care tools as perInfection practice control Canada.- IPAC .

In combining both theoretical instruction and hands on clinical practice, this program optimizes the learner’s objectives in becoming competent in providing nursing foot care treatment for high risk clients including diabetics and the elderly. This course is excellent for both nurses new to foot care and experienced foot care nurses who would like to update their practices.

Upon successful completion of this theory and practice component of this course, participants will be able to perform foot care treatment on high risk client including; diabetic mono filament assessment, performing foot assessments, provide treatments using foot care tools used in high risk clients, and will receive the foot care nurse certification and will be listed in the foot care nurse directory .

Flexible start date, 
Foot care nurse kit is not included in the tuition fee. Online access will be provided upon clearance of your PayPal payment.

Payment can be made via the phone, Online access will be provided within 4 hour of payment of the tuition fee via the phone .

Pre requisite:.

Membership with your nursing associations, hepatitis b vaccine, and TB skin test

Please contact us for onsite training in your facility

Students will be expected to complete 20 hands on case studies after clinical  practice using the tools and techniques learned.

Please contact us at 905-453-3262 or submit the form with your request.

Please note that only after we have approved your application that you can make your payment via PayPal.

Course is tax deductible and and may be reimburse by your nursing association if you qualify.

Please note that you can also contact one of our 2 community partners who offers accredited Basic and Advanced foot care nurse course by clicking on the link of accredited  schools to the right of this page.