​​​​​catherinern@gmail.comcatherinern@gRenewal of Membership is open to Certified Foot care  nurses - CFCN  who have been practicing and providing a minimum of 200 hours of foot care treatment to the the public in the last 2 years.

Membership duration is for 2 years

Membership renewal fee is $200.

The Certified foot care nurse will need to provide proof of practicing nurisng foot care by submtting a letter of reference as proof by another clinician, or someone who can verify that the Certified foot care nurse - CFCN have been practicing nursing foot care for the last 2 years.


If providing foot care treatment as a result of self employment for a foot care business, The proof of practice can be provided in the form as client's testimonials or payment receipts.

To renewal  membership payment can be made via the PayPal link on this page or via selective schools where the certified foot care nurse completed their foot care course.

Upon receipt of payment, the certified foot care nurse CFCN will receive an updated certificate of membership and their status will be updated with the Foot care nurse certification Board  Association.

For further information or query please call 9054533262

or email us at info@fcncb.orgor submit the form

After submission of proof of practice to info@fcncb.org and renewal of certification via PayPal for a payment or $200 that can be made by paying via the PayPal link below, or with a certified cheque made out to Foot care Nurse Certification Board and mailed to

Foot care nurse Certification Board

6-295 Queen Street East Suite 243

Brampton Ontario

L6W 4S6

For membership renewal

Please click on the BUY NOW PAYPAL BUTTON below to pay the $200 renewal fee. Please allow up to 4 days for PAYPAL to process your payment.  Upon receipt your membershipt will be updated with  Foot care Nurse Certification Board -FCNCB

Renewal of Membership as a Certified Foot care Nurse - CFCN

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