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Who we are

The Foot care Nurse Certification Board - FCNCB  is a nursing association that is a not for profit cooperation. FCNCNB goal is to promote the services of the Certified Foot care Nurse - CFCN  who has completed a basic and advanced foot care nurse certificate course  from a recognized community college, or private career college.

As Certified Foot care Nurses (CFCN) are a unique specialty group offering basic and advanced nursing foot care to the public.The Foot care nurse certification board was created to addresses the needs of the nurses practicing advanced nursing foot care in the community.

The Foot care Nurse Certification Board is professional body comprised of a group advanced nursing foot care leaders with over 30 years of experience in providing  nursing foot care assessment, education, treatment, and foot care practice dedicated to serving the needs and maintaining the professional standards of foot care nurses practicing in various healthcare settings including; hospitals, nursing homes, group homes, retirement homes and private practice. 

One of the principle goals of the certification board is provide National Standards for Canadian Foot care Nurses working in private practice, and providing basic and advanced Nursing foot care education, treatment in any community or health care setting.  

 Protecting and educating the public of the important role that foot care nurses play and to provide certification of foot care nurses who have competed a basic and advanced foot care course. Also must have the skills and competencies of a certified foot care nurse when providing care to high risk clients..

To promote public awareness about the role that foot care nurse play in health promotions in decreasing the risk of complications of diabetes including amputation, in providing foot care assessment, diabetic foot screening using disposable monofilament, foot care treatment to high risk clients including clients diagnosed with diabetes and the elderly population.


To collaborate with nursing associations and foot care associations to promote and enhance established standards for foot care nurses providing foot care that promotes safety in assessment and treatment for high risk clients including the diabetic client and the geriatric population.

To advocate professional development and promote continuing educational training that integrates nursing best practice for diabetes foot care, current best practice for infection control by health Canada, safe use of foot care tools and supplies that promotes decrease of injury, decrease callus build up, fungal transmission to client, foot care nurse, and  treatment environment.


To promote education institutions that promote best practice in nursing foot care and the integration of nursing foot care competency in their Basic and Advanced Nursing foot care curriculum.